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    the legacy
    Make what we love about living
    in Oregon even better.
    —Todd Goergen
    Local Business Owner
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    Your partner
    in education
    Millions in NEW revenue to improve
    our schools and libraries.
    —Tatiana Resetnikov
    Library Volunteer
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    Helping local communities thrive
    Supporting local organizations with more than $400,000 to date.
    —Kent Berry
    Gospel Mission
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    Working for a better Oregon
    High-paying jobs, close to home,
    for our families.
    —Heather Tramp
    Klamath Chamber
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    Supporting our cultural history
    Investing in the arts through
    the grant program.
    —Kara Long
    Egyptian Theatre


The Jordan Cove Project is committed to Southern Oregon and the South Coast.

The Jordan Cove Project will build a safe, clean, reliable natural gas pipeline and a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal in Coos County, Oregon. 

The Project will bring $10 billion in private capital, one of the largest-ever private investments in Southern Oregon and the South Coast. This includes more than $60 million per year in average property tax revenue to Coos, Klamath, Douglas and Jackson counties at a county-level, and an additional $50 million dollars to Oregon in state taxes to support critical public services including local schools, libraries, roads, and public safety at the state level.

The Jordan Cove Project will create more than 6,000 good-paying construction jobs at peak and an estimated 8,500 spin-off jobs in hospitality, retail, tourism, and healthcare. 

Pembina, the parent company of the Jordan Cove Project, is a 60-year-old company with strong, positive relationships with the communities where they work. We are committed to a transparent process and we are engaged in continual, constructive dialogue with the many community stakeholders who are interested in the Jordan Cove Project.

If you have a question or concern, please call us toll free at 866-227-9249 or email us at welisten@jordancovelng.com

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Jordan Cove LNG Terminal location map
Jordan Cove LNG Terminal location map.

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Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline Route
This map was recent as of 8/14/17. Route adjustments will be dated and updated.

Community Grants

We are committed to supporting our communities with grants to local organizations. To date, the Jordan Cove-Pacific Connector Grant Program has awarded over $540,000 in grants.

Safe and Clean

Safety is our top priority for the security of our community and the environment.

Safe, Reliable Transportation

Every day, modern pipelines provide safe, easy and unseen transport of natural gas under our communities.

Project Updates

We provide periodic updates on the Project and the process to those who request them.