Partnering with Landowners

Partnering with Landowners

Jordan Cove is working hard to be a good neighbor and to develop positive relationships with the landowners living along the pipeline in Klamath, Jackson, Douglas and Coos counties. We recognize our construction activities and operations will create impacts and our commitment is to minimize them to the greatest extent possible and coexist with current uses of the land.

Currently there are 225 private, non-commercial landowners who would have the pipeline going through their property.

Pembina and the Jordan Cove team is committed to keeping landowners updated throughout all phases of the Project. Land Agents are key members of our team and work in partnership with the Project’s construction and environment teams to provide up-to-date information on project activities, listen to, and address landowner concerns, meet commitments and be readily available to landowners. The Land Agents will be your primary point of contact and will remain in regular contact with landowners throughout construction, including final cleanup, and will be available throughout the life of the pipeline.

Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline Route

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