Pipeline Construction

Construction Process

Building a pipeline involves hundreds of workers, miles of steel pipe, and dozens of pieces of heavy-duty equipment. Every step is guided by highly skilled individuals with years of experience in building pipelines that meet stringent industry and government standards for safety, environmental protection, and operational reliability.

Pembina will do all we can to minimize disruption to landowners and stakeholders during the construction process. We carefully plan every step of the project and use multiple construction crews so that we can install the pipeline and restore the land to its previous use as efficiently as possible.

A pipeline construction project looks much like a moving assembly line.

For efficiency, a large pipeline project is typically broken into manageable sections, called “spreads,” and utilizes highly specialized and qualified work-groups. Each spread is composed of various crews, each with its own set of responsibilities. As the first crew completes its work, the next crew will move into position to complete its section of the construction process.

Typical Pipeline Construction Process

Construction Notification

Landowners will receive notification well in advance of construction starting and each landowner will be assigned a land agent as a liaison during construction and restoration activities. If the need should arise, they will be provided with a dispute resolution process to ensure their concerns or complaints are addressed.

Landowners with questions or concerns are encouraged to call the Coos Bay field office at: (541) 266-7510.