The Pembina Way

Pembina Pipeline Corporation (“Pembina”) is a leading transportation and midstream service provider that has been serving North America’s energy industry for over 60 years. Pembina owns an integrated system of pipelines that transports various hydrocarbon liquids and natural gas products..

Pembina is the parent company of Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline L.P. (PCGP or Pacific Connector) and Jordan Cove Energy Project, L.P. Pembina is committed to building a long-term business in Southern Oregon through Jordan Cove, and has a proven track record of successfully constructing and operating major projects on-time and on-budget.

Pembina has a strong record of community engagement, environmental stewardship and safe, reliable operations. With Jordan Cove, we will work with stakeholders throughout Southern Oregon and the South Coast to ensure communities benefit from the Jordan Cove Project. Pembina honors its commitments to landowners, Tribes, communities, regulators, off-takers and producers.
We believe in staged, carefully managed growth that respects the interests and concerns of our stakeholders while providing the energy services and infrastructure required for our growing economy. Pembina strives to provide sustainable, industry-leading total returns for our investors; reliable and value-added services for our customers; a net positive impact to communities; and a safe, respectful, collaborative and fair work culture for our employees.