Todd Goergen

Having lived and worked all his life on the Southern Oregon coast, Todd knows well the concerns for the area’s economic future. As long-time business owner of Arctic Ice (now Reddy Ice) and a part of the family-owned Box Car Hill Campground, he has dealt with the problems of lack of skilled labor and skilled employees leaving the area for better situations. He considers the Project an opportunity for the local economy and employment, while at the same time maintaining what is special about the area.

Based on our County’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan, I believe the Project and preexisting recreational activities associated with the area are compatible and adequate space separates these uses.

Todd Goergen
North Bend business owner and off-road vehicle enthusiast
Co-president, Boost Southern Oregon

Todd is Co-President of Boost Southern Oregon (a grass roots organization based in Coos County). He fully supports the Project—believing it will be benefiting his family, his friends and his neighbors for years to come.

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