Robert Westerman

Bob has been an electrician for nearly 30 years and the business manager of IBEW for 18 years. He is just beginning his seventh elected 3-year term and has seen Coos County hit hard economically. Many of the local electricians have had to travel far for jobs and some haven’t come back. The Project offers good paying jobs with benefits and those wages will be spent locally—boosting our local economy. Also, the more electrician jobs there are, the more positions there are for our highly-skilled journeymen. This is true for all the trades. The increase in well-trained and experienced work force then leads to bringing more industry to the area. “It’s about the jobs—getting jobs for my electricians.

I’m excited about this Project bringing jobs to the area. Electricians can stay close to home for jobs, and it opens opportunities for apprenticeships for our young people.

Robert Westerman
Business Manager
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

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