Heather Tramp

The Klamath area has become home for Heather and she would like to stay here. She has raised two sons in the Klamath area and her oldest is hoping to continue to raise his children nearby.

I want my children and my grandchildren to be able to stay here, have great schools and get good jobs.

Heather Tramp
Klamath Chamber Executive Director

Heather believes that what makes a great community is for it to be safe, have great schools and have opportunities for the people. She notes that the Project offers many good jobs—both direct and indirect. Workers will gain valuable real-world work experience as the area reaps the increased tax revenue—making the region more attractive to new businesses.

Heather is impressed with the extent of the oversight and careful planning for the Project and credits that to having a vested interest in the success here. She remarks, “Benefits are high and the risks are low. There’s not many projects that are as “win-win” as this one."

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